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BBC World News with Steve Titherington

The media tycoon Rupert Murdoch has made a personal apology to the family of a murdered British schoolgirl, Milly Dowler, whose phone was allegedly hacked by one of his newspapers. News International said Mr Murdoch would also apologise for what he called "serious wrongdoings" in advertisements to be placed in British newspapers on Saturday. Mr Murdoch met the Dowler family at a London hotel. When he came out, he was besieged by reporters.


"I want to say it was a totally private meeting."


"Did you apologise to the Dowler family?"


"Of course I did. Of course I did."


"Can you tell us exactly what you said?"


"No, I’m not going any further. I just said that as founder of the company, I was appalled to find out what had happened."


Earlier, one of his most senior executives, Rebekah Brooks, resigned as chief executive of News International. She’d been under intense pressure over the phone-hacking scandal at the News of the World newspaper, which she edited until 2003.

此前,默多克的最高层管理人员,新闻国际首席执行官丽贝卡?布鲁克斯(Rebekah Brooks)宣布辞职。由于世界新闻报的窃听丑闻,她受到了巨大的压力。在2003年之前,世界新闻报一直由她负责编辑。

The European Banking Authority says eight European banks are not strong enough to withstand further financial shocks. A total of 90 banks were tested. Five banks in Spain, two in Greece and one in Austria did not pass the test. The President of the European Union, Herman van Rompuy, has called an emergency meeting next week of the 17 leaders of eurozone countries to discuss the financial situation of the eurozone as a whole and additional aid for Greece.

欧洲银行业管理局(European Banking Authority, 简称EBA)今天公布,共有八家欧洲银行不能承受进一步的金融冲击。共有90家银行进行了测试。西班牙五家,希腊两家,奥地利一家银行未通过测试。欧盟总 统范龙佩(Herman Van Rompuy)已经呼吁欧元区17个成员国首脑于下周召开紧急会议,商讨欧元区的整体形势和对希腊的进一步援助。

The lower house of the Italian parliament has approved a tough austerity package, which was passed on Thursday by the Senate. The package includes tax measures and cuts of $68bn over three years. It’s designed to end speculation on the markets about the Italian economy.


President Obama has said time is running out for a political deal to raise America’s debt limit and stabilise the economy by cutting spending. American officials and economists are warning of national and global consequences if the US starts to default on its obligations. From Washington, Paul Adams reports.

奥巴马总统曾表示,达成政治协议,提高美国债务上限,通过削减支出来稳定经济的时间已经很紧迫。美国官员和经济学家警告称,如果美国开始拖欠债务,将在全国和全球范围造成严重的后果。来自华盛顿,Paul Adams报道。

Most of the country’s political leaders agree that the debt ceiling must be raised and that this protracted debate is not good for economic confidence. But after long hours of meetings and with various competing solutions on the table, a deal is still not in sight. Barack Obama said he wanted to see the logjam broken in the next couple of days and urged members of Congress to think in ambitious terms.



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